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epxi Series

Exclusive Features

  • DSP Technology Guarantees High Reliability.
  • True Inbuilt Galvanic Isolation Transformer Design.
  • Control Designed to Withstand all kinds of Loads.
  • Intelligent Battery Management to Prolong Battery Life Cycle.
  • Redundant Fan Design and Independent Ventilation Enhances
  • Durable Operation Under Harsh Environment.
  • Adjustable Battery Numbers.
  • Accept Dual-Mains Input.
  • Parallel Operation with up to 6 Units (Option).
  • 5.7 Inch Colour Touch Screen Display for 80~120KVA

Exclusive features

  • Input Power Factor 0.99
  • Output Power Factor 0.9
  • Active Power Factor Correction
  • 50Hz/60Hz Frequency Converter Mo
  • ECO Mode Operation for Energy Saving (ECO)
  • Emergency Power Off Function (EPO)
  • Generator Compatible
  • 3-Stage Extendable Charging Design for Optimized Battery Performance
  • Adjustable Battery Numbers for 30/40kVA UPS (32-40 Nos.)
  • Maintenance Bypass Available
  • Optional Parallel Operation l Low Audible Noise
GTX Series

Exclusive features
High input power factor ( > 0.99) = Output power factor 0.9 = Low input distortion: THD < 3% = Generator compatible = Inbuilt galvanic isolation transformer = Independent control on three inverter phases = High instantaneous overload capacity = High MTBF (> 200,000h) and Low MTTR = Intelligent self-diagnosing function, all kinds of failure protection, large capability of history records storage.


Single Module UPS (100Kva- 600 Kva)
World’s first multi-level conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply, TMUPS is the wise response from TMEIC for the growing demand of high reliability and efficient power solution for mission-critical applications. Its innovative three-level circuit concept and exclusive power module delivers superior performance and reliability with reduced cost of ownership.


  • Expandable upto 8 units in parallel to meet the redundancy requirements
  • Compact footprint design delivers more power density per sq.ft. in the industry
  • Multi-level power conversion enhances the lifetime of capacitors to 15 years
  • Compatible for 100% regenerative loads with bidirectional power converters


  • Fully rated power (kVA = kW) for maximum power availability
  • Leading AC-AC Efficiency
  • Low harmonic pollution and high input power factor
  • Wide input voltage range, extends battery life
  • DSP Based technology
  • Watch-dog design of dual auxiliary power circuit
  • A wide choice of configurations – as N+X redundancy and hot stand-by
  • Flexible battery configuration
  • Swap-able interior architecture
  • Common or separate battery
  • Multi-connectivity interface supports UPS monitoring and management
  • Intelligent charge modes with smart charge current adjustment
  • Reduce upstream investment costs
  • Front access servicing enable quick and easy maintenance
  • Upto 96% saves energy costs