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Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer Supplier in India. A voltage stabilizer is a revolutionary invention of the electronic industry that has brought remarkable changes in our daily lives. The device works as shunt regulator (Zener diode) maintaining the constant output voltage and protects electronic appliances from power fluctuations.

  • SCVC is available in wide input range and output voltage in oil cooled version up to 2000 kVA and air cooled version up to 500 kVA
  • Servo Control Voltage Stabilizers (SCVS) available for 3/3 wire in & 3/4 wire out that enable to get adopt SCVS in areas where neutral related issues exist in system.
  • Some voltage stabilizers are available with three phase and single phase output (Isolated or unisolated both)
  • Outdoor application models are available in both the versions air cooled and oil cooled (IP 43/IP54 construction)